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Gotter_Logo   Gotter is a high quality beer,
  made by German technology
  on the basis of the Czech raw materials.

 There are two kinds of beer Gotter:

- Live (filtered and not filtered);
- The pasteurized.

GOTTER blonda  
gp1 Lager beer brewed from selected varieties of Czech hops and malt. Pleasant taste and aroma of fermented malt beverage with hop bitterness. Easy to drink and quenches thirst. This beer is brewed from a single type of malt classic old technology that gives beer its characteristic richness and filled with a rich taste. By adding only Czech, really fragrant Žatec hops, beer gets reinforced bitterness with a mild flavor that is so characteristic of Czech beer. Modern equipment, personnel responsible, and respect for traditional recipes embody the amazing taste of fresh beer. Wort extract 12.7% alcohol content of 4.5%.





GOTTER bruna  
gp4 Brewing Company is one of the most anticipated beers. Dark beer is brewed according GOTTER centuries-old traditions of brewing. The combination of two varieties of dark malt, hops and fragrant special yeast gives a rich variety balanced flavor with a pleasant aroma of caramel and soft finish. GOTTER a holiday atmosphere every day. Wort extract 13.2% alcohol content of 4.8% vol.








GOTTER psenicnoe  
gp2 Wheat beer - light, naturally cloudy (unfiltered) beer made with Bavarian wheat and barley malt. It is the addition of wheat malt gives the drink a bright, refreshing shade, and colors from light golden to amber hues. And also important ingredients are purified drinking water, two types of hops and special shiver.
A glass of Gotter Psenicinoe always different characteristic pure taste, hop notes in the beer very mild and soft, and a certificate of excellent performance confirms appetizing high and persistent froth. Wort extract 15% alcohol content of 5.8% vol.






GOTTER Ale Beer  
gp3 Is a typical Belgian beers legkopyuschiysya soft and tasty amber. Gotter Ale bodied with great taste and a gorgeous snow-white dense foam. Beer is brewed from the Dutch and German barley, hops and yeast angliiskimi resulting beer often has a kind of " fruity " taste. In the beverage present bitterness , but not dominant. Because it is not too alcoholic beer (according to the Belgians ), it can be consumed at any time of the day. Try amber Gotter Ale and get a large portion of the taste and aroma of flowers. Wort extract 11.2 - 11.5% alcohol content of 4.7 - 4.9 % vol.







GOTTER Porter  
gp7 Gotter Porter British dark top-fermented beer with flavor. Porter was invented as a substitute for classic ales and intended for workers toil, as it is very nutritious. Made from two varieties of dark malt and 1 grade light and beer dobrazhivaetsya within 30 days. It is a dark beer with a distinctive flavor of wine, strong aroma of malt and rich flavor, which are simultaneously present and sweetness and bitterness. Wort extract 13.6 - 13.9% alcohol content of 5.4 - 5.7% vol.







 You can taste with great pleasure live Gotter beer in the cafe, bars and restaurants all over the country. It is delivered fresh in special flanks and also is on sale.








 Now there is possibility to try live beer directly at home and to order on exit "a beer little table" for any celebration or party.

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 You can place an order by phone:

   373 (22) 457039



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