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 Now days a lot of brewers start to pay attention on the quality of the beer, and put more and more efforts for its manufacturing. And we, as consumers, also should understand what we drink. For many fans, beer tasting seems as a very simple thing. But already now there are people who understand that “art of beer tasting” is the same difficult thing, as well as wine tasting.

 Beer tasting includes some steps, which the person should take completely to take pleasure in taste of a foamy drink. There is a set of factors according to which it’s possible to understand and estimate beer, for example, aroma, taste and a grade.


 Step 1.

 This is very important to pay attention on the color of the fresh beer, its cleanliness and ability of beer to keep foam. Knowing these characteristics of beer, it will be possible to present precisely enough what kind of beer it is, when you really will try one.

 Step 2.

 Shake up beer a little to strengthen its aroma.

 Step 3.

 Many people do not know that aroma of beer is very important. During inhalation pay attention for sweetness, a shade and spice of beer aroma, i.e. on those components which give representation and malt, hop and barmy ferment which have been used at beer manufacturing.

 Step 4.

 Beer tasting. There is a variety of different tasting techniques with specific features. It is necessary to know that each person feels taste and aroma in own way. So, somebody distinguish, for example, bitterness better, and others worse.

 Everyone has flavoring predilections; therefore results of any tasting to some extent remain subjective.

 Any good beer has taste of grain and hop, in particular – “lagers”. Good “ales” except these two elements contain also fruit smack of riding yeast. “Malt liquors” and “stouts” due to the fried malt have smack of chocolate or coffee. Wheaten beer always is freshening and a little bit sour. But no matter what kind of beer was offered, its aroma and taste should not simply correspond to it – they have to create pleasant sensations and harmony. Beer of excellent quality opens new aroma and taste every time when you give a toast. Beer tasting needs a special room with natural illumination.

 In the day of beer tasting participants should not gorge on, drink too much of beer or alcoholic drinks, use perfumery. If you get the cold, it is better to refuse participation in tasting.

 Make everything possible to receive the greatest pleasure. It is very important to understand what kind of beer, in your opinion, is the best for you. Pay attention to its sweet, sour, on the balance of these shades. On flavoring balance of beer the person can define set of smaller characteristics. Do not forget to pay attention on sensation during the tasting, on structure and an order of the sensations. Along with the general taste, the beer grade is, probably, one of the most important estimated sizes (for example, almost all America is keen on "light" grades of beer). As well as aromatic characteristics, various flavoring features of beer can tell much about drink components, and about the one who is its manufacturer.


 Usually distinguish three degrees of bitterness - weak, average and strong. Depending on, whether there is bitterness in a mouth after beer is swallowed, distinguish bitterness remaining and not remaining. Not remaining bitterness can be subdivided on knitting, pleasant, unpleasant and tart. The important criterion is also the bitterness nature. Hop bitterness is natural and necessary property of beer. However bitter smack can be introduced in beer also by yeast and fibers. If on taste the aluminous or barmy bitterness is felt, it is available obvious defect of beer.


 Carbonic acid presents in any beer. It is necessary to remember that carbonic gas has the taste which is an indispensable component of the general bouquet of beer. Such characteristic of the beer is directly connected with carbonic acid, as foaming. Character of foam is one of sources of the information on quality of beer. Foam should keep not less than 4 minutes. Fresh, qualitative beer always shows high foam standing. Foam should be with small cells. High quality of a beer also shows so-called “laces” remaining on the internal surface of a glass after beer testifies.

 If beer foam consists big sells and quickly falls down, it means, carbonic acid has appeared in the beverage by unnatural way, and is added in by artificial carbonization.


 More or less spirit is included in any beer. The main thing is that spirit tone were not allocated were too sharply and harmoniously entered in the general bouquet. It is necessary to carry presence of extraneous elements of taste or aroma to number of lacks of beer - radio or sour-milk.


 Freshness beer degree also can be defined on taste. If there is light sulphurous aroma in beer, it is fresh. After some time this aromatic component disappears. At stale (however, still suitable in the use) beer there is grassy tone in taste, and bitterness decreases. Sweetness, grain smack, wine tones appear. Sometimes it seems that beer tastes as paper, wood or even household chemical goods - a varnish, a paint, solvent. All this is obvious beer defect connected with its oldness.

 As a rule, beer is tasted at 10 - 12 °С. As tasting ware the pure transparent glass of thin glass is used. Each sample should be poured in a separate glass. During one tasting it is recommended to test no more than 5 - 7 samples of beer in case after that flavor sensations become dull.

 Wish you delicious beer tasting!

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